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02/27/10 11:59 AM #42    


Robert Scrip

what's going on everyone??

let get some post going here....

bob scrip

02/28/10 04:09 PM #43    


Cathy Beebe (Books)

Hi Bob,
Basically waiting for the Mississippi River to thaw and spring to finally get here. Once the river thaws, it's fishing, boating, island parties, motorcycle riding, sitting on the patio enjoying the view! C'mon Spring!!

03/04/10 03:19 PM #44    

Mark Lenzke

Looking for something to do check out the Milwaukee Admirals lots of action and cheap

03/08/10 09:07 AM #45    


Robert Scrip

Yep! Waiting for spring so I can get out any fly my RC planes with the kids.. I have just been flying my home made cheap ones during the winter...

03/18/10 09:17 AM #46    

Mark Lenzke

Don't get the good planes out just yet

06/05/10 08:54 PM #47    

Kathleen (Kathy) Pollack (Grannan)

Hi Everyone!  Anything going on for the summer with HHS. people?

 Hope all of you have a Great Summer ! Relax and Enjoy , Have fun with your Families, and Friends.

Time is to precious and too short to miss out on.

07/08/10 11:15 PM #48    


Robert Scrip

Yes indeed!

01/01/11 11:05 AM #49    

Mark Lenzke

Happy New Year Everyone

01/18/11 09:46 AM #50    

Mark Lenzke


05/22/11 10:26 PM #51    


Robert Scrip

Cool Storms Pass Thru!  Great Lighting!

11/16/11 07:16 AM #52    

Mark Lenzke

How about those PACKERS

12/22/11 12:26 PM #53    

Mark Lenzke

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone

02/03/12 09:08 AM #54    


Robert Scrip

Whish I would be watching the Packers this weekend but...

I hope you all have a great Super Bowl Party or-

a day of relaxation

08/16/12 11:29 AM #55    

Lynn Delikat (Benson)

Our 35th Reunion is coming up next year. I have to admit had i known reunion planning was part of the gig for being class president, i would have removed my name from the ballet! LOL  I'm living in Chandler, AZ so I'm looking for people to help plan the 35th who are located in the Milwaukee area. Let's make this a group effort pleeeease! Ideas? Dates? Locations? Anyone who wants a 35th during the fall/winter in the nice sunny and warm southwest (golf anyone?), now that I could plan!! Blessings, Lynn

09/05/12 12:47 PM #56    


Cathy Beebe (Books)

I see on Facebook that there is a Hamilton "reunion" at St. Greg's Festival this Saturday, September 8th.  It's for a bunch of the classes, not just 1978.  Anyone going?

04/19/13 04:10 PM #57    

Vince Collura

Class of '78, any interest in a 35th this Summer or Fall. I know Jerry would probably be able to accomodate at Steny's for a more informal event. The St. Greg's idea was nice for a night cocktail event but it would be nice to congregate as a class somewhere more conducive to conversation. Would be nice to get something organized. I am in for any planning commitee/meeting... Spread the word.

04/24/13 07:24 PM #58    

Lynn Delikat (Benson)

Count me in Vinnie!


10/30/14 10:21 AM #59    


Robert Scrip

Whatup Class..  is everyone on Facebook these  but, I still like are little spot here..

11/07/14 07:02 PM #60    

Joan Mcgalloway (Dowe)

Was sad that the get together was at that public forum --  too much going on there to focus on a reunion. are we thinking about having a 40th?  I would be interested in helping coordinate.  I think Carol Chartier might be willing to participate as well.

What does everyone think?

05/31/15 02:30 PM #61    


Julie Dudzik

Just to inform you that I know that Keith Tomaszewski is no longer with us.  I don't know when he passed away.  I spoke to his brother at my brother's funeral.crying

06/01/15 08:22 AM #62    

Judi Lund (Probst)

Keith passed away last year in September. They found his body lying in a parking lot at O'Hare field. The last I heard they did not suspect foul play. It's so very sad the number of classmates we have lost.   

06/01/15 10:15 PM #63    


Joseph Valenti

12/31/15 12:26 AM #64    


Joseph Valenti

Happy New Year Every One!

12/31/15 08:48 PM #65    

Luanne Habenicht (Mulawa)

Wishing you the Happiest New Year EVER! Have a fun time creating new memories.  Hey, you'll be getting a bonus this year...February 29.  

07/11/17 11:46 AM #66    


Cathy Beebe (Books)

Going thru the obits the other day and saw that Mr. Martell died.  I didn't have him as a teacher, but remember him being a cool guy!

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