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12/02/08 11:22 PM #17    

Michelle Soucie (Waller)

What a wonderful evening!!! Six hours never went by so quickly. Every single person there must have danced! It was a great group and we really appreciate all that were able to make it, some of you traveling quite a distance. It was also fun reuniting with my best girlfriends! Bob and Kim, thanks again for making it happen and, Bob, the website is unbelievable. This is our tool now, so let's all use it and make our 35th or 40th or whatever even bigger and better.

55th Street gang, you rock! We could have our own reunion with our numbers (ha!). Send me an e-mail via the site and I'll shoot you a copy of the 55th group photo. I will also send it to Bob (along with some others) to post on the website.

Have a warm and safe holiday everyone!

Michelle Soucie Waller

12/03/08 09:12 AM #18    

Shirley Lazich (Huntemann)

Robert and Stacy Scrip, thank you for all your hard work. Bob you looked way too busy during the night behind the camera (evidence to prove it)! I am glad you finally got to enjoy the evening. Fun to read your breakdown of the evening including the barrels of beer. Count me in on golf, tailgate and whatever is next. Love the website, I have sat down and read and look at everyone's uploaded pictures so far! Those of you looking and not participating THE WATER IS NICE JOIN US!

12/03/08 05:45 PM #19    

Lisa Ullstrup (Sujecki)

Looks like the reunion was a lot of fun. Sorry I missed it. I think I would be more interested in an informal meeting at a local establishment. Maybe in the future??

12/03/08 09:09 PM #20    


Robert Scrip

Yes, in the near future for sure, I'm guessing late Jan to Feb... After we all settel down from the Christmas rush..


12/05/08 11:41 AM #21    

Wanda Qualls (Fix)

Wow.... I saw the photos everyone looks great!I sure hated to miss the reunion I am sure it was a lot of fun.But my husband just started a new job and couldn't get time off.I will do my best to attend the next one.Thanks for posting the photos,it was great to see everyone
I hope everyone has a great Christmas and a fabulous New Year.

12/05/08 12:46 PM #22    

Ken Kratz

We had 8 people from 55th Street School at the reunion.

Go here to see us!


12/12/08 05:33 PM #23    


Robert Scrip

Does everyone have there shopping done?


12/23/08 11:25 PM #24    


Robert Scrip

>>>Terrie Pawelski Stokes
BTW...been meaning to ask if there is any way to have these messages sort with the most recent on top???


I don't have a way of changing the order of this sort, at first I was thinking the same thing about having the newest on top. But, the problem starts when there is an ongoing decision, you would be reading the answers before you read the questions and that would start to get very confussing after awhile.

Have a good holiday

12/25/08 10:53 AM #25    


Robert Scrip

Hello All,

I just wanted to whish you a

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays

Or whatever else you celebrate!

Bob Scrip

01/01/09 01:13 AM #26    


Robert Scrip

Happy New Year!

01/01/09 10:59 AM #27    

Robert Ryerson

Happy New Years! Wishing everyone a Great 2009!

01/05/09 09:18 AM #28    


Robert Scrip

Back to the grind.....

01/21/09 10:43 AM #29    


Robert Scrip

Let's keep the message area going!!

01/27/09 05:35 PM #30    


Cathy Beebe (Books)

Any upcoming events in February? Something to break up the winter blues? I've talked to a couple of people who didn't make the reunion and would be interested in just meeting at a bar for drinks. Club Paragon??

02/07/09 12:04 PM #31    


Robert Scrip

I'm working on a bar get together! I'll have details in a few weeks I hope.


02/17/09 01:19 AM #32    

Carl Lindgren

For those that are interested, I posted the class pictures of 55th Street Elementary from Kindergarten 1964-65 to 6th grade 1971-72. If you would like the files just let me know.


02/28/09 07:49 PM #33    


Robert Scrip

Well It's Saturday Night! what are you doing?

My Wife and I are going over to the neighbors for a few drinks and maybe play some Rock Band!!!

03/23/09 01:33 PM #34    


Robert Scrip

New event!

Social/Fish Fry get together at

Paragon Club Milwaukee
3578 S 108th St
Milwaukee, WI 53228
(414) 541-9270
March 27th 2009

09/29/09 10:52 PM #35    


Robert Scrip


10/30/09 06:55 AM #36    

Mark Lenzke


11/17/09 09:33 PM #37    


Robert Scrip

Yea, the Pack won one!

11/30/09 07:04 PM #38    


Cathy Beebe (Books)

too bad the Vikings are winning :( Hope the Packers go all the way and kick the Vike-Queens butts in the play-offs...........I know.......wishful thinking!

12/26/09 10:08 AM #39    


Robert Scrip

Merry Christmas Everyone!

01/25/10 10:56 AM #40    


Robert Scrip

Go home now Brett F.

Go Saints!

02/08/10 05:03 PM #41    


Cathy Beebe (Books)

Thank goodness the Saints won! Only gripe about the game, why didn't the Saints pound Manning the way they pounded Favre??

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