Wanda Qualls Fix

Profile Updated: December 5, 2008
Wanda Qualls
Residing In: Shelbyville, TN USA
Spouse/Partner: Stephen Fix
Occupation: college student,Home health care for the elderly
Children: I have 2 boys and 2 girls Amanda is 25 and lives with me.My son Allen is 23 and going into the Army More…Jan 3,2009.My son Russell is 22 and lives right next door to me..which is so great(we just moved here last week)My daughter Cortney is 21 and just had her baby on Thanksgiving day (3 weeks early)Allen has a daughter Jade she live in FL so I am a proud Gramma.
Yes! Attending Reunion

I got married soon after High School and then later divorced.I worked at a restaurant called Jojos for several years ,and later I worked at Tyme Insurance in downtown Milw....from there I worked for a microfilm company,then I did home health for the elderly which I still do and love it! I am remarried now with 4 grown children..I have lived in a few different places after high school,Boston,Conn. and Louisiana.
Traveling was alot of fun. My husband and I wanted to move somewhere warm so we moved to TN 12 yrs ago.
We love it here but I sure do miss Milw.,Hopefully soon I can make a visit up there.My husband works as a mechanic in Nashville and I am a full time student online and I work doing home health for the elderly,so we have to wait for vacation time to travel to WI.So maybe next summer.I had gastric bypass surgery 20 yrs ago and it did not go well I became very sick and still have some stomach issues now.Unfortunately I battle with anorexia and bulimia but I have been really stable for 2 yrs now.I am sure thankful for that! I was so shy in high school but I am just the opposite now,very outspoken.Don't know exactly how that happened LOL,I will probably be spending my 50th birthday in Florida.Everyone in my family but me ,moved there right after high school..oh yes and I have 2 Granbabies Jade is 2 and lives in Fl so I don't see her much.My daughter had her baby Thanksgiving day.I am so excited she lives about 2hrs away so not too bad.I am going to see Chase after Christmas..I can hardly wait!! I wish everyone the best and hope everyone is doing well.

School Story:

I was basically quiet and kept to myself.I used to be very shy, no one believes that now lol.
I am hoping some of my classmates will remember me if not maybe I can get reacquainted with them
I think it is important to keep in touch with classmates(after all ........we spent alot of time together)

How have you changed (other than appearance) since graduation?

I have changed from quiet to loud LOL..My views on everything seems to be changing alot since I have gotten older(The big 50 next year)....I am dreading it but my family insists on throwing me a party LOL
It seems the years just flew by and then one day I was old : )

What was one of your biggestmoments in life, somthing that you will never forget? (excluding having children, getting married)

The biggest moment for me was when I enrolled college after being out of school for so long I am majoring in Criminal Justice . I graduate in April YAY :) Better late than never I guess.

What is on your list of things to do before you die?

I would like to catch up with old friends
Go to Hawaii (always wanted to go there)
I would like to get another tattoo(almost fainted getting the first one LOL)
and I would like to be able to see my grandchildren graduate

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Wanda Qualls Fix has a birthday today.
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Wanda Qualls Fix has a birthday today.
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Wanda Qualls Fix has a birthday today.
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Wanda Qualls Fix has a birthday today.
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Wanda Qualls Fix has a birthday today.
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